Consistency, Compliance and self Accountability.

Consistency, Compliance and self Accountability.

We spend a lot of time looking for optimal ways to achieve results. Training principles, macronutrient breakdown of diets, dietary supplementation. 

However we often forget the most important aspect in regards to results. 

Consistency, Compliance and self Accountability.

The most well thought out plan of attack if not adhered to will not yield results results. 

The number 1 reason for failure of dietary intervention is lack of compliance. Anything you can do to help compliance will result in a better outcome for yourself.

Think of it like an equation, in a sense your body is currently the sum of all of your lifestyle and dietary choices combines, what you do day to day everyday has taken you to this point now. If you want it to change then you will need to change what goes into the equation and that starts with the little things.

At the core of it, If you are overweight day to day then you eat too many calories and would generally do too little exercise by default. Now the reasons for this are many however at the root of the problem is this energy equation. For one reason or another your default pattern if left unchecked is to consume more calories then needed. If you want to change from this then you need to make conscious effort to dictate what you consume and how much work you do.

If you are underweight and struggle to gain then you simple take in too little calories, your default is to under eat or do too much.

You can not overeat and not gain weight it defies physics, you are not the exception to the rule.

There are optimal methods of diet and training however if you don’t make them part of your lifestyle then the equation that is you will not change. A plan is just a piece of paper until you put it into action.

Be consistent, keep accountable and keep working…

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