NSW APL States Done and Dusted…



Team Update




#TeamSPNH, Competed at the NSW APL (http://www.powerlifting-ipl.com affiliate)

Personal bests were had all round for the guys.

Johns first single ply equipped comp and Andreas’s first powerlifting competition saw some nerves busted and some goals set for Nationals later on this year. This was my first competition post surgery and it felt good to be back into the groove.

I set an in comp Personal best and equal gym PB bench press of 220kg and also deadlifted 250kg @117.3kg

Andreas went 9/9 with a best Squat of 160kg bench of 90kg and deadlift of 170kg @ 69.1kg. You may remember Andreas previous pbs from instagram were 137.5kg squat, 77.5kg benchpress and a 155kg Deadlift.

John competed with a goal of setting some single ply numbers to work off for our prep for nationals. His lifts were 250kg squat, 200kg bench press and 250kg raw deadlift at 115.9kg John will compete in the 110kg class at nationals 3 lift singleply.

The Road to Nationals begins…






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