#teamspnh 2015 APL Nationals Recap

#teamspnh 2015 APL Nationals Recap

This wekeend gone  #teamspnh made the Journey to the sunny gold coast to compete in Australian Powerlifting League 2015 Nationals event.

This was the first APL nationals in Australia,  the international body (IPL) promotes single ply, multi ply raw and raw classic powerlifitng.

We were very happy with the venue and the professionalism of the APL referees and officials, being a relatively new federation and running a national event like this is very time consuming. All in all it was a good event and some good lifting took place.


Athletes John & Andreas with Coach Christian


Athletes Andreas and John have been training very hard since NSW states and were eager to put up a good performance on the platform as well as beat any gym personal bests.

John had his work cut out for him



Athlete John had his work cut out for him being hospitalised a few weeks earlier due to glandular, sadly this left John with not very much training or recovery time. John also had another obstacle to tackle, he wanted to compete in the 110kg weight class category however was weighing in around the 118kg mark 4 days out from competition.

With careful diet and fluid manipulation John weighed in at 109.95kg

Andreas weighed in at 70kg on the dot. Andreas has plenty of room to grow into the 75kg weight category.


Andreas with a PB squat of 175kg @ 70kg BW

Andreas opened at his Previous PB squat from NSW state titles and easily smoked a 15kg pb on the squat.



John squat
John with a pb squat of 282.5kg @ 110kg bodyweight

Next up was John he squatted a very deep 282.5kg squat a gym and competition PB for john.


We then moved onto bench press…


Andreas 100kg bench @ 70kg BW

Andreas managed to hit a PB of 100kg on the bench press once again this is a gym and competition best for him. Sadly squatting took alot out of John and with his sickness did not post his best efforts in the bench and deadlift.

Andreas 190kg Deadlift @ 70kg BW

Big PB deadlift for Andreas… 2XX’s are on the cards for next states.

And they’re spent…


APL 2015 Nationals Results



#teamSPNH do Jupiter's buffet!
#teamSPNH do Jupiter’s buffet!


What powerlifting trip could be complete without a buffet?


Congratulations guys. Next year holds big things.